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Corporate Publishing

Orchestrated communication through owned channels.

Meaningful and value-oriented

As corporate storytelling and brand journalism evolve, the logical consequence is that a company defines its mix of communication channels or adapts it according to employee and customer needs.

In times of a wide range of paid, owned, and earned media, one's own channels for delivering content are playing an increasingly important role. This portfolio of own publication formats can be very broad or very condensed. The number of channels used and in what proportion, mix (print and digital), and rhythm depends once again on the target groups, the content, and the objectives. While the size of the team and budget is equally crucial.

In short: corporate publishing requires journalistic know-how as well as insights into the needs for information by the customer groups. Does the information provide added value? Is it value-oriented and meaningful as well?

From the corporate publishing portfolio with analogue and digital media:

  • Company brochure
  • Company flyer
  • Newsletter
  • Infograph
  • Product brochure
  • Customer magazine
  • Employee magazine
  • Website
  • Social media channels
  • Corporate blog
  • Corporate TV
  • Podcast