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Communications starts with clarity of mind

Combining a global view and a process-oriented approach.

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Communications is an asset of a value and goal oriented portfolio of corporations, business units, products, and services. As well as of people. Communications in addition is strategically oriented. Single steps of communications are coordinated with each other in terms of content, time, and form. In parallel, they are aligned towards their constituencies. This is how they will generate synergies and efficiencies, while leading to an optimal sphere of action at the same time.


Complexity needs to be broken down for an understandable and easy-to-read content. The key to it? To condense the essence of the information while sticking to the evidence. This provides for transparency, traceability, and credibility. The narrative sheet thereby can rely on the storytelling technique. In any case, each text should provide an added value, while being geared towards specified internal and external constituencies, as well as to the analogue and digital use of intention.


Translating always means to put oneself in the author's world of thoughts and ideas and to explore the sense and meaning of the original version. Use and goal of the translation document always define the type of procedure: Ad-verbatim translation, true-to-meaning adaptation, or creative editorial performance that stands for a so-called transcreation. The transcreation again in its standalone transferred version needs to generate the effect true to the original.

Communications as a circle

Based on your specific situation and strategic objectives in the field of activity between economy, environment, and society, I am committed to your communications in the overall context.

Communication steps play in concert with the complete package of measures that you have planned or already implemented in other areas.

I understand communications as a circular process (analysis, strategy, implementation, evaluation). In this way, we add value and, together, make sure that things are going to turn round.


My latest blog posts

  • View into an evening sky, slightly blurred. A dandelion is visible at the lower left edge. Half of its flower stalks are flying towards the sky as a small happy cloud formation. Visible in the upper right of the image in dark blue on a light blue colored background.

    ESG and SDGs – what’s the difference?

    ESG and SDGs: Both terms are very present and often appear in common. An effort to approach and classify them.

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    Insight – “Greatest professional success to date?”

    Über Erfahrungen, Entscheidungen und Chancen. Ein persönlicher Einblick.

    Liliane Elspass
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  • Detail of a female person in a mustard yellow sweater, sitting and writing on a laptop.

    Corporate Volunteering

    Significance and change of corporate volunteering. Working for the common good despite an increased home office. An interview with Felix Mundwiler, Head of Corporate Citizenship at Credit Suisse.

    Liliane Elspass
    • From practice
    • Sustainable Development Goals

About Liliane

As a trained linguist and a convinced humanist, I am a passionate communications professional with profound experience in the fast-paced industries of pharmaceuticals, MedTech, and high-end FMCG.