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My portfolio consists of activities and knowledge, based on twenty years of professional experience, and are continuously supplemented by further education programs.

Communications & Counseling

The outside-in perspective as part of the conceptual
frame of reference.


Capturing, recognizing, and understanding are fundamental assets. This requires an open view in all directions. Including the connection between the inside and the outside perspectives. That is truly crucial.


The analysis is followed by the creative phase and by the hard work thereafter. The concept records how, what, when, for what and with what will be implemented. The results achieved are evaluated based upon a defined set of data and actions will be adapted accordingly when required. The circle is taking its course!


Whether a company, a specialist area, a product, or a service is at the center, the "how" remains decisive for the success of communication.

Product Communications

When it comes to new registrations, indication extensions and innovations in the RTX or OTC range, one thing remains decisive: The benefit for the patient or the customer.

Media Relations

The area, relevance and urgency determine the form and design of media work. Fact-oriented content, evidence-based study results, references to publicly accessible quality-assured sources, and authentic statements from experts are the basis for this.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications encompass a wide range of communication disciplines. Whether part of internal or external communications, the integrated approach ensures that each communication activity achieves its effect on its own as part of an overall framework.

Internal Communications

Important news, inspirational updates, meaningful explanations that stand for transparency, involvement and identification along a change management process: The focus is on employees, individual specialist areas or entire departments at local, regional or global level. In order to make communications as effective as possible doing the homework is even more crucial: aspirations, content, messaging, form and design need to be defined and timely coordinated. Background, expectations, and cultural differences of internal stakeholders must be considered to ensure integrity and respect at any time.

Public Relations

With the planned use of oral, written, digital, and audio-visual communication tools, PR creates credibility, trust and acceptance among internal and external target groups. Whereas these principles apply: true – clear – open – transparent – timely.

External Communications

The focus is on external stakeholders. And again, the framework conditions are part of the evaluation: objectives, expectations, messages, exchange and contact options as well as spill-over effects. These points need to be clarified and included. For a consistent approach, for aligned measures and an authentic storytelling.

Sustainable Development Goals

Today, business services stand no longer for purely economic values only. Driven by the Brundtland Report (1987), the global crisis in the areas of climate and energy, which has become even more acute, as well as by the enforcement of the human rights, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are increasingly gaining public awareness. Primarily local and regional measures contribute to the achievement of the target and more and more companies, whether listed or not, align their considerations and precautionary measures with the UN SDGs.

Copy writing

Texts are the icing on the cake of research.

Corporate Publishing

Both conceptual thinking and detailed planning ensure a coordinated and efficient approach for meaningful results that will have an impact. In this sense, corporate publishing includes content creation for internal and external media: brochures, reports, mailings, flyers, hand-outs, newsflashes. Most often in form of portraits, background articles, reports, features, or interviews, tailored to the specific groups of audience and their respective distribution channels.

Corporate Storytelling

It's a matter of situation, culture, scope, content, and intention whether defining a core story makes sense. People generally like to hear stories. For this, the best way is to define brand topics - and ideally no more than a set of three topics per year. These topics will all pay into the brand story. While authenticity, truth and seriousness remain a sine quo non!

Editing & Proofreading

For texts that I have not written myself, I am happy to do the proofreading and check them for style and comprehensibility. The editing service also includes proofreading, i.e., checking for spelling and punctuation, for which I additionally use an AI-supported tool.


Based on your planned event, I will write your speech, draft your presentation or both together. Tonality, intention, messages, venue, and occasion: We'll discuss all of this first. As always, an accurate briefing is the basis for reaching out to the desired results.


From words to images and back.


As a certified member of the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters, I also rely on high quality translation standards.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) based technologies have been used in language translation for many years. In contrast to generative artificial intelligence (AI), such as ChatGPT, professional translation programs are geared towards predictive AI because the focus here is on exactness and precision. That is why I work with the world-renowned RWS Trados software.


In addition to literal translation, certain documents allow for greater linguistic and creative freedom. Or just demand it. Here, I combine the accuracy of translation with the creativity of copywriting.